Jody Leigh - Bio

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Designer Biography: Jody Leigh Jody Leigh McMillan has always been in love with fashion; fascinated with putting together outfits that would stand above and unique from the rest.

As a high school student Jody sewed garments for herself and friends. It was here that Jody learned she not only matched the clothes of others well, but had a uniquely creative vision for fashion as well. Upon graduation Jody pursued studies at university but remained involved in fashion through various capacities. During her second year, Jody was approached by a friend to participate in a fashion show at George Brown College. Jody enthusiastically embraced this opportunity. Caught up in the excitement, she quietly researched the design program in between fittings and rehearsals. After this energizing experience, she knew what she had to do. Pursuing her passion and following her heart, Jody applied to George Brown and was accepted.

Upon completion of her studies, Jody went on to work in Toronto’s fashion industry; first as a costume designer then as a technical designer for two world class international retailers. Impressing superiors with her extraordinary work ethic and drive, Jody never shied away from being rewarded with increasing responsibility and growth. Flourishing in any setting, her career was moving along comfortably, but Jody felt unfulfilled, as she was not exploring her full potential.

Fate smiled upon Jody as she made the acquaintance of an experienced designer on the verge of opening her own clothing boutique. She soon emerged as a true inspiration and support system, motivating Jody to start her own clothing line. Herein lies the birth of Jody Leigh.

With the help of the Toronto Fashion Incubator, Jody easily sought resources to guide her along her chosen path. Faced with personal hurdles, Jody was determined and fought vigorously. In overcoming these hurdles, Jody refreshed her determination and polarized her desire to pursue her passion. Reestablished, confident, inspired, bold, and excited; Jody is ready.

Jody blends classic and chic with business-sensual, forward clothing for the modern woman. Jody Leigh has arrived, and she is here to dress the women of today in outfits that stand above and unique from the rest.